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HONKE Products in use application.
Fast & Strong
Many enterprises from the industrial cleaning businesses and the construction branch trust for many years our know-how and our products for super suction, cannel cleaning vehicles, aerial conveyors, suction dredgers and products for sand blasting companies etc. and reduce by the simplifications allowed with it of the work routines huge costs.
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A small choice of our customers:



A comment from AMV Transport GmbH:
"We, the AMV Transport GmbH, have decided on account of many advantages on the new system free of wear Fast & Strong Connection, because the equipment is to be traded in the suction excavator branch entirely very hard. We were with it the first who have used the system in the area of Suction excavator! Already in the first year it became clear that it was a good decision, on the new system Fast & Strong Connection of HONKE e.U. to change."
Our distributors in Switzerland and in Norway:

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