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The Hose Reduction
Fast & Strong Connection
The HONKE hose reduction Fast & Strong connection at hand is a detachable, coaxial connection of hose lines for suction devices, in particular for industrial suction devices (e.g. super suction cups, canal cleaning vehicles, air conveyor systems, suction dredgers etc.).

It consists of 3 elements, made of 0,0012 [m] strong stainless steel sheets, connected by joints. Various different strong rubber inserts are attached to the segments in order to enable a successful reduction. In the process of coupling operations, the hoses are interlocked. The different attached rubber thicknesses prevent the pullout of the hoses when the coupling is sealed.

The coupling is closed with two clamps.
The reduction is available in the following sizes:

DN 130 to DN 100
DN 150 to DN 130
DN 200 to DN 150
DN 250 to DN 200

In comparison to conventional hose connections, the reduction-coupling
provides the following advantages:

  • The application is easy and only needs one person.
  • The installation requires little time exposure.
  • It is lighter than conventional hose couplings.
  • There is considerably less material wear.
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