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The Hose Coupling
Fast & Strong Connection
The rapid release coupling (Patent Nr. EP 161852967) at hand is a detachable, coaxial connection of hose lines for suction devices, in particular for industrial suction devices (e.g. super suction cups, canal cleaning vehicles, air conveyor systems, suction dredgers etc.).

It consists of 3 elements, made of 0,002 [m] strong stainless steel sheets, connected by joints. A foam rubber is used to ensure tightness. The foam rubber is glued inside the coupling and the blunt ends of the hoses are deposited in the middle of the open coupling.

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The coupling is sealed by using two self locking clamps. It is adjustable to all tube thicknesses for the following inner hose diameters:

  • di = 0,10 [m]
  • di = 0,13 [m]
  • di = 0,15 [m]
  • di = 0,20 [m]
  • di = 0,25 [m]

In comparison to conventional hose connections, our coupling offers the following advantages:

  • The application is easy and only needs one person.
  • The installation requires little time exposure.
  • It is lighter than conventional hose couplings.
  • There is considerably less material wear.
  • When the hose is ripped, it can also be used as repair clamp.
  • It is patented as well as tested and examined by TÜV Austria.
  • It is appliable for all hose types (PU-H, PU-HS, PU-HX, PVC, Flex and Rubber).
  • It provides an enormous saving potential of up to 10.000 EUR per super suction cup.

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