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 As competent partner of numerous industrial cleaning businesses, we focus on a wide array of supplies for super suction cups / vacuum dredgers, cannel cleaning vehicles, air conveyor systems, suction dredgers and products for sand blasting companies.
The company founder and patentee of the wear-free coupling system “Fast & Strong Connection” Horst Streitmaier was active in firms, dealing with super suction cups and air conveyors for several years.

His objective was to minimize the costs of these applications by not only introducing new supplies, but in addition by simplifying the procedures.

His know-how and the consequent development of the patented, wear-free coupling system “Fast & Strong Connection” (Patent No. EP 161852967) enabled him to achieve this goal. The simplified installation and removal of hose barbs, and the cost transparency provide substantial benefits for respective companies, dealing with industrial cleaning.

Per super suction cup, it is evidently manageable to economize about 10.000 € in one year, depending on the number of operations!
The product range spreads from diverse clutch types, Y-pieces and reductions, suction pipes with air regulation openings to window and parapet protection devices, as well as handy dispersion vessels and hoses for diverse suction and dispersion operations in the section of industrial cleaning and various labor protection products.

After the formation of a competent subsequent regulation, strategic switches were laid for a successful future with the entry of his son Kevin Streitmaier into the HONKE company management.
After the sales establishment in the German-speaking area (DACH), now follows the development of the Nordic market in the framework of sales partnerships.

As experienced practitioners, we can flexibly and optimally adjust to our customer’s special demands.

We would be pleased to convince you as well.
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